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Oat Acres Under Pressure From Collapse in Futures

Oat futures in Chicago have fallen steadily since early December, dropping to their lowest level in over five years. “They just happen to be one of the uglier (markets) at the moment, both old crop and new crop. We’ve seen oat futures collapse quite quickly,” says Lorne Boundy, oat trader with Paterson Grain. “They’ve actually been… Read more »

Oats Moving South — End of Grain Volume Mandates for Railways Expected to Have Little Impact

Weekly grain shipping requirements for CN and CP Rail came to an end on March 28th, as the federal government decided it would not renew the Order-in-Council mandating the railways ship a minimum amount of grain each week. The minimums were implemented in the spring of 2014 to address the backlog of grain across Western… Read more »

Wheat Futures Surge, But Basis Softens Impact on Prairies

Wheat futures have been trending higher for several weeks, and just as some analysts were predicting a peak, they spiked by 20 to 30 cents a bushel on Monday. The possibility of Russia tightening phytosanitary requirements for wheat exports was a factor, says Lorne Boundy, a Winnipeg-based trader with Paterson Grain. “Lots of the concern… Read more »

Oat Bids Still Under Pressure From Railcar Shortage

While oat supplies will be tighter than normal this year, problems getting the crop to market continue to put downward pressure on cash bids in Western Canada. “Oats is going to remain a tight supply, tight shipping market,” says Lorne Boundy, a Winnipeg-based oat merchandiser with Paterson Grain, in the following interview. The federal government’s… Read more »