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Soybean School: What to Know Before Sowing Off-Patent Soybean Seed

If you grew first-generation Roundup Ready soybeans under contract, saving and trading or re-planting that seed could result in a violation of their contract, says Lorne Hadley, executive director of the Canadian Plant Technology Agency. In 2011, Monsanto’s patent on the first Roundup Ready trait in soybeans expired. Some sellers may be selling or trading soybean… Read more »

Grain Handlers, Seed Processors & Farmers Adjusting to New Plant Breeders’ Rights

The entire seed industry value chain in Canada — from breeders through to grain companies —is adjusting to new Plant Breeders’ Rights legislation following the ratification of UPOV ’91 standards last June. As Lorne Hadley, executive director of the Canadian Plant Technology Agency, explains in the conversation below, the CPTA is working with all stakeholders… Read more »

Growing Common Faller Wheat in Canada Comes with Significant Legal Risks

It is no secret that around 80% of farmers use common wheat seed every spring.  Farmers have the right to save seed.  They key is that this common seed be from a registered variety in Western Canada.  Enter the issue surrounding common Faller Wheat. Someone has sold a large amount of common Faller wheat seed… Read more »