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PED source not a mystery in some of Manitoba’s 61 cases

After almost a month without any new cases, Manitoba’s 61st case of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) virus since early May was confirmed in a finisher hog barn in the southeast part of the province this week. As of Thursday, there were 22 sow herds, 13 nurseries and 26 finishing operations infected, according to the province’s… Read more »

PEDv Cases Popping Up in Manitoba, Raising Suspicions About CFIA’s Truck Wash Policy

After going nearly 500 days without any new cases, porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) has been found on three Manitoba hog farms in a span of 10 days. On Saturday, the province’s chief veterinary officer confirmed the third case in a sow barn in the southeast region of the province. It follows positive PEDv samples from… Read more »

CFIA’s Backwards Truck Policy Puts Western Canadian Pigs at Risk

It’s backwards. Illogical. The federal government’s move to enforce an outdated rule that increases the risk of PED virus infecting Western Canadian pig farms doesn’t make sense. While hog operations across the U.S. and Eastern Canada have been devastated by PEDv over the last few years, Western Canadian hog farms have managed to stay mostly… Read more »

Pigs and People Needed — 175 New Barns Required to Supply Maple Leaf Plant in Brandon, says Michael McCain

Years of financial and regulatory challenges have taken a toll on pork production in Manitoba, to the point where the province’s largest hog processing facility now needs around 175 new barns built to operate at full capacity, according to the company’s president and CEO. Speaking at the Manitoba Pork Council annual meeting in Winnipeg on… Read more »

Manitoba Government to Allow New Hog Barns Under Strict Rules

It won’t be a repeat of hog barn boom of the 1990s, but with growing concern about not having enough pigs to supply the province’s two major hog processing plants, the Manitoba government has agreed to allow new barns to be built in the province once again. The NDP government implemented a moratorium on hog barn construction… Read more »

This Week on RealAg — The February 14th Edition

Bad news out of Manitoba this morning, as the first suspected case of porcine epidemic diarrhea is awaiting confirmation from the disease lab here in Winnipeg. The Chief Vet’s office has already confirmed the infection at a wean to finish operation in hog-heavy southeastern Manitoba, but until the lab confirms it it’s still only suspected…. Read more »