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Farmland Appraiser Sees Flat Prices and Some Declines for 2014

By Bernard Tobin It’s been a quiet January for farm appraiser Marleen van Ham. That lack of activity leads her to think that 2014 Ontario farmland prices will range from flat to a five per cent decline in some areas. Van Ham, a broker and appraiser for Agri Choice Real Estate Appraisals Inc, says she’s… Read more »

What’s Farm Land Worth? The 4 Factors That Determine Price

Location has often been the first three things that drives real estate value, but when it comes to farm land, location means something very different. What’s more, while location is very important to land’s intrinsic value, there are several other factors that may trump where farm land is located. It makes sense, as farm land… Read more »

What is it that makes Land Valuable? – Marleen Van Ham

What is it that makes some farmland worth $18,000 to $20,000 an acre and other land range from $6,000 to $10,000? It may seem fairly obvious on the surface, but it’s actually a pretty complex set of variables that have to click into place in order for a farmer to hit that upper range. In… Read more »

Sell the Rumour, Buy the News Applies to Ontario Farm Land, Too

It’s no secret that farm land prices across Canada have been red hot. Ontario has certainly reflected that trend, with sky-high prices in late winter this year leaving some very happy, and others more than a little concerned about the affordability of land. Ontario field editor Bernard Tobin spoke with Marleen Van Ham, appraiser and broker… Read more »