Knowing your yield potential is a key factor to consider when selecting corn hybrids for specific farms and fields. Are you planting into highly productive soils with high nutrient holding capacity or a field with heavy clay that has lower yield potential? That’s a big consideration when growers are selecting hybrids for spring planting, says… Read More

Not to be outdone by 2018, it’s another Snowtember for Alberta. Today, on the show, with host Shaun Haney: Management factors and variety selection for lower population (but high yielding) soybean stands, with Matt Chapple, PRIDE Seeds market agronomist; Thinking about next year’s crop and field selection, with Sherrilyn Phelps, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers; and, Depleting… Read More

In Ontario, 120,000 soybean plants per acre is a common target to maximize yield. But some of today’s modern soybean genetics can deliver much higher yields when planted at lower populations in high-yield environments. On this episode of RealAgriculture’s Soybean School, Bernard Tobin and PRIDE Seeds market agronomist Matt Chapple put this theory to the… Read More

This won’t be the first time you’ve heard host Shaun Haney call 2019 “a year of adversity,” but it may be one of the first times this fall we’ve talked of potential impending snow. You don’t need the moldboard plow to tackle cover crops using tillage – a conversation with agronomist Patrick Lynch; Corn finishing… Read More

Many corn growers across Ontario continue to hold their breath as the late-planted, slow-developing crop continues its march to maturity. In early September, many growers wondered whether the crop would make it, but after a stretch of good weather and an extended forecast that promises more warm days and good nighttime temperatures, the finish line… Read More


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