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Monsanto and DuPont Agree to Drop Lawsuits Against Each Other

Perhaps compelled by the Christmas spirit (although unlikely), two seed industry heavyweights have decided to settle their differences and drop their remaining legal challenges against each other. DuPont and Monsanto announced Tuesday that they have agreed to dismiss patent infringement lawsuits against each other over seed-related technologies. Monsanto had claimed DuPont infringed on certain Monsanto seed chipping patents, while DuPont claimed… Read more »

Monsanto Shifts Focus in Europe

Have you heard that Monsanto has been driven out of doing business in Europe? Not so, says the company, though they are changing the business direction in that market. “People have said we are exiting the GMO business in Europe, but we don’t really have a business,” Jose Manuel Madero, Monsanto’s president and managing director… Read more »

“Accidental or Purposeful Mixing” of Seed Likely Source of GM Wheat: Monsanto

Monsanto Company today hosted a conference call to outline what is known and yet to be determined regarding the reported finding of Roundup Ready wheat plants in an Oregon, U.S., field. The company has published a 13-page presentation, seen here, to outline exactly what is known, what testing has been done and what testing will… Read more »

Roundup Ready Wheat Reported Found in Oregon Field, Monsanto Working to Confirm

Though it has not been grown in nearly a decade, wheat containing the Roundup Ready gene has been reportedly found in an Oregon, U.S., field by the USDA. The Roundup Ready wheat was field tested many years ago by Monsanto in the state from 1999 to 2005, but the crop was never approved for commercial… Read more »