Thanks for tuning into this Friday edition of the RealAg Issues Panel on RealAg Radio! Host Shaun Haney is joined by RealAgriculture’s Kelvin Heppner and Lyndsey Smith, as well as Stuart Person from MNP to discuss a number of topics, including: The cost of groceries; The government’s role in farmers’ adaptation adoption; Jobs numbers; and… Read More

Corteva Agriscience has launched Straxan fungicide treatment for cereals that provides protection against both seed- and soil-borne diseases. “Farmers have been relying on Corteva for cereal solutions for a number of years, mostly through our herbicide portfolio, and so the introduction of Straxan fungicide really just adds to that list of trusted cereal protection products… Read More

Thanks for tuning in to this Agronomic Monday edition of RealAg Radio! Host Shaun Haney is joined by Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson to discuss the weather from an agronomic standpoint, the spreading manure on snow, wireworm pressure, and more! Don’t miss our spotlight interview with Nicole Philp, with Corteva AgriScience, on a new fungicide product… Read More

Boron’s complete role in plant health is not entirely understood, but the nutrient does play a key role in cell elongation, hormone response and membrane function. Boron is a micronutrient necessary for optimal yield and growth, but needed in only very small quantities. In Western Canada, trials surrounding boron have shown inconsistencies in yield response,… Read More


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