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Nuhn’s Lagoon Crawler Stirs It Up

Three years ago Nuhn Industries’ first Lagoon Crawler emerged from the company’s Sebringville, Ontario plant. Today, the amphibious vehicle designed for agitating lagoons can be found on farms across North America and also in Russia and China. Real Agriculture caught the Lagoon Crawler in action last week at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario…. Read more »

Nuhn’s Big-Distance Lagoon Crawler — So You Don’t Have To

Oh to be a fly on the side of the Lagoon Crawler. The amphibious machine, developed by Nuhn Industries Ltd, runs on a Cummins engine and is remote controlled up to 1000 feet, allowing for successful lagoon agitation, even from a smell-safe distance. The header pump is at the bottom of the Crawler, and being… Read more »