GreenON Agriculture program helps farmers reduce carbon footprint

Ontario farmers have a new cost-share program to help them reduce their carbon footprint and become more energy efficient. The GreenON Agriculture program, recently announced by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, is specifically aimed at producers of agricultural commodities in permanent, climate-controlled buildings. The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association will administer the… Read more »

Catching Up on GF2 Changes for Next Ontario Funding Intakes

With government funding programs comes last minute changes and updates, but never fear, RealAgriculture and Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association regional program lead, Margaret May, have joined forces to bring you the latest updates to GF2 programming (That’s Growing Forward 2, for all of you who have been hiding under a rock). Of particular… Read more »

OSCIA Revives Forage Masters Competition

The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) recently announced a return of the Forage Masters Competition. New and improved, revamping of the competition was lead by Don Oliver, OSCIA director for the east central region. A team effort involving input from not just OSCIA directors, members, staff, but also from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and… Read more »

OSCIA Announces Controlled Tile Drainage Project

The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) has announced a new partnership through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s AgriRisk Initiatives (ARI) program. The project, entitled ‘Controlled Tile Drainage – Calculate Your Benefits’, will partner OSCIA with scientists at the University of Ottawa to research the crop yield benefits of controlled tile drainage. Controlled tile drainage… Read more »

Grassland Stewardship Program Offers Two Intakes for 2017

Farmers and land owners will have two chances this year to access funding under the Grassland Stewardship Program (GSP) beginning with a January 9th to February 1 intake. The program, administered by the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) and funded through the federal Environment and Climate Change Canada department, provides funding to implement forage… Read more »

Farmland Health Incentive Program Tightens Focus For 2017

Changes to the 2017 Farmland Health Incentive Program (FHIP) will create an even greater focus on managing water quality in the western and central Lake Erie basin. For the past two years, FHIP, part of the Great Lakes Agricultural Stewardship Initiative (GLASI), has focused on supporting and funding Ontario farmer stewardship efforts in an area… Read more »

Talking Dirt: New Soil Health Centre Backs Intuition With Science

Soil preservation is gaining seatbelt and sugarless gum status in our society. It’s simply no longer optional. Some soil advocates are now calling for every agricultural grant application to have a tick box explaining how the proposed project exercises best soil management practices. No doubt, pressure is mounting to acknowledge the unparalleled role those first… Read more »

Watch Closely for Funding Application Announcements: OSCIA

There’s funding out there, Ontairo farmers — but you’ve got to pay attention in order to get in, says Margaret May, regional program lead with the Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA). I caught up with May at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (as is our tradition, it seems) to quickly recap four funding programs… Read more »

Species at Risk Funding Helps Farmers Create Habitat

Ontario farms tend to be dominated by field crops and managed pasture, but there are many opportunities for farmers to create habitat for endangered species. The Species at Risk Farm Incentive Program (SARFIP) is designed to help farmers make those opportunities become reality, explains Margaret May, Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) Regional Program… Read more »

Ontario Farmers Gravitate to GLASI

Ontario Farmers are turning out in force to participate in the Great Lakes Agricultural Stewardship Initiative (GLASI). “We’ve had incredible response to GLASI in the targeted areas,” says Margaret May, regional program lead with Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association, which administers the program. Interest and attendance at program meetings has been strong, she adds…. Read more »

Great Lakes Agricultural Stewardship Initiative Offers Funding to Support Better Management Practices

For farmers in the Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair watersheds, and Lake Huron’s southeast shores watershed, help to implement Better Management Practices (BMP) is here. It’s called GLASI, or the Great Lakes Agricultural Stewardship Initiative. Related: Agricultural Run-Off A Main Focus of Great Lakes’ Eutrophication Concerns “The official launch was last February at our annual meeting,” says… Read more »

GF2 Funding Requirements Have Changed, Farmers — What You Need To Know

Ontario farmers who are accessing or have plans to access Growing Forward 2 funding have a new list of rules to learn. Of particular note, says Margaret May, regional program lead with Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA), intake dates have changed, as have the rules surrounding invoice dates, to highlight just a few… Read more »

Deadline Approaching for Planter-Modification-Funding Through GLASI Program

Farmers who bought a new planter with a dust deflector, retro-fitted an after market one or fabricated their own since last spring may be eligible for cost-share funding through the Great Lakes Agriculture Stewardship Initiative program. Margaret May, regional coordinator with the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association, is reminding farmers that the deadline to… Read more »

Get Your Learning On — Workshops Help You Move the Farm Business Forward

Your farm is your business and your career, and just like any other line of work, professional development is important. How do you make sure your farm is running at its most profitable? How do you get up-to-speed on rules and regulations? How to do you keep track of where your farm is at? The… Read more »

Get Your Project Funded Through GF2 — Help for Those Turned Down

If you’re one of the farmers who submitted an application for Growing Forward 2 funding and were turned down, you’re not alone. Whenever a new or changed funding model rolls out, there’s always a learning curve. But does a first rejection mean you should abandon the application? Not necessarily. As Margaret May, regional program lead… Read more »