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Soybeans Receive Crop Insurance Coverage in Alberta

Soybeans have cleared another hurdle in the crop’s quest for more acres in Western Canada as Alberta’s Agriculture Financial Services Corporation has decided to start offering crop insurance coverage for soybeans this year. Both dryland and irrigated soybeans will be insurable in certain areas under an AFSC program called the “New Crops Insurance Initiative.” “The idea is to offer… Read more »

Soybeans in Alberta: Do Your Homework First

Let’s just call 2013 the year of the soybean in Western Canada and be done with it, OK? It would seem each of the Prairie Provinces has fallen in love with the crop and, if the spring weather permits, there will be a large increase in acres this year. But should there be? There are… Read more »

Three Uses for the Tillage Radish

Tillage Radish, a large-rooted cover crop, is one we’ve talked about before on RealAgriculture.com. Kevin Elmy walked us through how he and his neighbours are making use of the crop in Saskatchewan. In this video, filmed at Farm Tech 2013, Patrick Fabian explains how farmers in his area of Alberta are making use of this… Read more »

Big Discussions from Big Personalities at FarmTech 2013

It’s the last day of FarmTech — my very first one — and it’s been quite the week. The conference started with a big, bombastic Don Cherry look-a-like, featured popular presentations from Patrick Fabian, Stuart Barden, Drew Lerner and OMAFRA’s Peter Johnson, with the one and only Ron McLean speaking at Wednesday’s banquet, and will close… Read more »