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Grain Commission to invest $4 million from user fee surplus in Harvest Sample Program

The Canadian Grain Commission has announced its first expenditure to draw down its $100-plus million user fee surplus that it collected from farmers from 2013 to 2017. The CGC says it will invest $4 million over the next five years in enhancing its Harvest Sample Program. Producers who submit wheat samples to the program starting… Read more »

Changes coming to how frost and mildew are assessed in Western Canadian wheat

The way Western Canadian wheat is graded for frost/heat stress and mildew will be changing slightly on August 1, 2018. Until now, if both grading factors were present in a sample of grain, they were assessed together based on standard samples that visually showed the effect of both factors. The Canadian Grain Commission says recent… Read more »

Five more CWRS varieties to be moved to new wheat class due to lower gluten strength

The Canadian Grain Commission has announced it is moving five more Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) wheat varieties to the new Canada Northern Hard Red (CNHR) wheat class due to these varieties not meeting gluten requirements for Western Canada’s flagship CWRS class. After hearing concerns about gluten strength from customers, the Grain Commission tightened the… Read more »

Wheat School: Figuring Out What To Do With The CGC’s $107 Million User Fee Surplus

$107 million (and counting) in surplus funds collected from farmers and grain shippers — how should it be used? The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) is seeking input from farmers and the grain industry on what should be done with its growing surplus from user fees collected over the last four years. “We’ve been hearing lots of… Read more »

Canola Council President Readies for Move to Grain Commission

The Canola Council of Canada has started its search for a new president, following the announcement of Patti Miller’s upcoming departure. Canola Council president since 2012, Miller has been appointed chief commissioner of the Canadian Grain Commission, starting February 13. She sat down with us at CropSphere in Saskatoon last week to reflect on her… Read more »

Patti Miller Appointed Chief Commissioner of the CGC

Update: This story originally stated Miller’s appointment begins March 13, 2017, but according to the ag minister’s office, there was an error in the order posted by the Privy Council. As noted in the minister’s official announcement on January 3, Miller’s appointment begins February 13, 2017. The president of the Canola Council of Canada is moving… Read more »

Canola School: Who is Pushing for Change in Global Markets?

There’s no long-term trend talk of any agriculture commodity sector, it seems, that doesn’t include at least some reference to China. After all, it’s not just a populous country, it’s a huge economic driver and consumer of Canadian agriculture products. Imagine, then, what it would mean to have the Chinese market closed, a market worth… Read more »

TWORA — Corn Acres, Canola Sales to China and Deere’s Latest Acquisition — Mar 31

John Deere has acquired majority ownership of well-known sprayer company, the Ag Women’s Network has been re-launched, and China has chosen to postpone tighter rules for canola coming from Canada. The USDA also had a surprise for the corn market in its first acreage report for 2016 and A&W has gone patriotic with its ketchup…. Read more »

China Postpones Tighter Canola Dockage Standards — Can Blackleg Concerns Finally Be Resolved?

The Chinese government has agreed to postpone tighter dockage standards on Canadian canola. In February, China indicated a new standard allowing no more than 1 percent foreign material would be implemented on April 1. As Reuters first reported on Tuesday morning, China’s import policy changes have now been postponed until September 1, 2016. The Chinese say… Read more »

China, MRLs and Quinclorac — An Update from the Canola Council of Canada

When it comes to global trade, there are numerous challenges organizations and industry representatives must face. First, they have to be able to deal with cross-cultural communications issues, and understanding their partner country, from how to properly greet someone, to what the product means to the country’s people. Second, they have to be able to… Read more »

Federal & Industry Funding Partnership Commits $19 Million to Canola Market Development

The Canadian canola industry’s goal of 26 million tonnes of sustainable production by 2025 got a $19 million boost today with a joint federal and industry funding announcement made during CropSphere 2015. Federal agriculture minister Gerry Ritz was on hand at Saskatoon, Sask., to announce $9.5 million of funding aimed at further market development and continued… Read more »

Canola Industry Contributes Nearly $20 billion to the Canadian Economy

The Canola Council of Canada released a report today that demonstrates the recent growth in canola’s contribution to the Canadian economy, pegging it at $19.3 billion. “Demand for canola is growing as the world seeks healthier oils and more protein. Producers and industry are meeting that challenge and canola has become a powerful engine in… Read more »

“A Pivotal Moment” for Canola: Blowing past the 15 MT by 2015 Goal 2 years early

Today’s Statistics Canada numbers of 2013 production confirmed what everyone already new — Canadian farmers have a heck of a harvest in the bin (or headed there shortly). So while the production figures are perhaps old news and bearish, there is one very cool tidbit of information in the list: canola production, for the first… Read more »

Ag Canada Earmarks $15 million for Canola Industry Funding

Gerry Ritz was on hand at Richardson’s Kelburn Farms, just south of Winnipeg, today to announce a federal government commitment of $15 million to the canola industry. This funding, through Growing Forward 2, will be leveraged to bump that total to more than $20 million, says Patti Miller, president of the Canola Council of Canada… Read more »

Study Suggests Canola as Feed Bumps Milk Production

The Canola Council of Canada recently announced the findings from an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada-funded Chinese study that suggests dairy cattle fed canola meal significantly increased their total milk production. The study shows that when used in dry rations, meal from Canadian canola can increase daily milk production by .6 kilograms per cow, according to… Read more »