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This Week in #Plant13 – Canada – April 30, 2013

Seeding and planting across Canada has not got off to a leaping start in 2013.  In the prairies it was snowing as late as yesterday while Ontario growers have been fighting their own version of poor spring planting conditions. See this weeks US pictures of #plant13 It seems to that kind of year when you can go… Read more »

This Week in #Plant13 — Around the US Midwest in Pictures

The start of planting in 2013 has been very slow due to cool and, in some cases, wet inclement weather. Nothing tells a story like pictures, so here is a selection of some of the pictures from the past week in #plant13 (from Twitter) from across the United States.  See this weeks Canadian pictures of… Read more »

Hail Mary Planting — What’s your Latest Successful Seeding Date?

I’m sitting looking at a giant white wall of snow and wind blow around my window. While I’ve seen far worse snow days, it’s one of the colder, wetter, whiter April 15ths I’ve seen. Twitter was a-buzz this morning with predictions of when seeding will start for most of Western Canada. That date pushes farther… Read more »