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Canola Seed Consolidation Small Part of Big Deal: Monsanto, Bayer Execs

It’s hard to believe regulators would allow one company to own 95 percent of the canola traits on the market, but executives from Bayer and Monsanto are not offering any hints on whether they expect to be forced to divest canola seed assets as part of their proposed marriage. Both Robb Fraley, chief technology officer with… Read more »

“Accidental or Purposeful Mixing” of Seed Likely Source of GM Wheat: Monsanto

Monsanto Company today hosted a conference call to outline what is known and yet to be determined regarding the reported finding of Roundup Ready wheat plants in an Oregon, U.S., field. The company has published a 13-page presentation, seen here, to outline exactly what is known, what testing has been done and what testing will… Read more »