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Agricultural Advocacy is More than Just Social Media — Ryan Goodman

If you have been to an agricultural meeting in the last seven years you have likely heard a presentation on advocacy. In both the US and Canada, advocacy has become a call to action for farmers, ranchers, dairymen, etc. Organizations like Ag More Than Ever were founded to focus on advocacy and enabling producers to… Read more »

Chipotle’s GMO-Free Stance and Dark Portrayal of Modern Farming Draws Ire of Farmers, Mainstream Media

The announcement by U.S. restaurant chain Chipotle that it has eliminated all GMOs from its menu (with some exceptions, of course) is drawing major criticism from not only the agriculture and science communities, but the mainstream media. The Washington Post, Bloomberg and TIME were among the outlets that published articles last week denouncing the GMO-free claim. Bloomberg’s… Read more »