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RealAg Radio, July 24: Pea prices, spotty soybeans, and being sheepish

Stand-in host Lyndsey Smith somehow manages to slide in not one, but two (!) sheep stories into this Tuesday edition of RealAg Radio. Top news stories include: the major lamb supply merger in the west, a freeze on CAP funding in Ontario, and a self-serve, farm-fresh dairy option in Saskatchewan. Also in this edition: We… Read more »

Ode to the Harvest Buggy Driver

Is there a hierarchy of jobs on the farm? Especially at harvest, is the combine driver king/queen, with each supporting role moving down the totem pole? We’re half-kidding, of course, but recently there’s been some (mostly in fun) banter about who does what at harvest, like this: Harvest Facts The Combine Operator is a psychopath…. Read more »