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Harvest Loss Calculations a Chore? There’s (almost) an app for that.

Not skilled in long-division but need to know how much crop you’re losing out the back of your combine?  Smartphones may not collect or count lost seeds (yet), but their built-in calculator provides pretty great help with field-math. And, with an upcoming app, the process of determining harvest loss while mobile will become a whole… Read more »

Determining Appropriate Buffer Zones for Pesticide Applications

In 2012, the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program supported the Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association in the development of apps designed for prairie farmers. Those apps are very near completion, and in our first discussion with Tom Wolf, spray application specialist, we spoke of one that will help producers determine the spray quality of various nozzles, an obviously important… Read more »

Identifying Spray Quality with a Smartphone

The Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association received $91, 205.00 from the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program in early 2012 to build agricultural apps designed for Canada’s prairie farmers. The results of this project are now being announced, with apps very near completion. This project will produce five agricultural apps for smartphones and tablets that will give producers… Read more »