Technology is something that many people are following — especially when it comes to online retail. What needs to happen in order for this tech to really take off? Shane Thomas of Upstream Ag Insights joins Shaun Haney on today’s RealAg LIVE! to debate all things ag technology, online retail, biologicals, and more. RealAg LIVE!… Read More

For Thursday’s RealAg Radio show, host Shaun Haney has the following guests on the show: RealAgriculture’s Lyndsey Smith and Yara Canada agronomist Shane Thomas discuss the future of agronomy and what role technology will play; Peter ‘Wheat Pete’ Johnson is on to answer all your agronomic questions on Wheat Pete’s Word; and, Dr. Larry Martin,… Read More

What will agronomy look like five or ten years from now? Will drones and automation have replaced agronomists and field walks? There’s no denying that technology definitely plays a larger role in his job than it used to, says Shane Thomas, agronomist with Yara Canada. From field mapping software, to variable rate capabilities, NDVI readings,… Read More

Tank mixing crop protection products has been an important practice for western Canadian agriculture for a very long time; it allows us to manage weed resistance, control grassy and broadleaf weeds in an efficient one-pass system, and possibly manage nutrition and disease at the same time. The downside is that the chemistries sometimes can be… Read More

This spring has started off much cooler than usual across much of Western Canada, with forecasts trending towards more cool temperatures. With these cool temperatures comes the risk of frost injury once crops have emerged, but just because a frost occurs does that mean you have to re-seed? Where should you look first? There are… Read More

A pre-seed burn down is often the first pass on a field. Some may overlook the importance of getting a strong burn-down, but in reality it can be a huge detriment if some components get overlooked. And if you’re going to do a job, you should do it well. Why does a pre-seed burn-down matter?… Read More

As seeding approaches, one of the most common topics I hear discussed is vigour.  A vigourous plant stand comes from a healthy seed that is out of the ground and competing in a timely fashion. This can mean fewer days to maturity, quicker ground cover, better weed competition, a more robust rooting system better able… Read More

With the 2014 growing season fast approaching (we hope) you are probably wrapping up your seeding and input plans and getting antsy to get into the field. As cropping plans start to fall into place, the logical next step for many is to decide on which products or practices to test out to measure their… Read More

By Shane Thomas Plant nutrients are always big driving factors in how our crops yield, with macronutrients getting the majority of the attention. However, micronutrients can be limiting factors in a lot of our cropping systems, especially for those really pushing yield with intense management. One micronutrient that gets discussed a lot is copper. This… Read More

Nitrogen and phosphorus get all the glory when it comes to the macronutrients. But there are two others in the NPKS mix, you know. The third most important nutrient, potassium, often gets thrown by the wayside and only seems to come up when there is a market discussion on Potash Corp or Russia’s Uralkali. There… Read More


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