Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for tuning in to this Tuesday edition of RealAg Radio. Guest host Lyndsey Smith is joined by Shawn Schill to discuss land rental agreements and land price direction. Then you’ll hear an interview with Kara Oosterhuis and Gerald Stokka, extension veterinarian at North Dakota State University, on cold weather calving and… Read More

Thanks for tuning in to this Thursday edition of the Farmer Rapid Fire! Today’s show is brought to you by Pioneer Seeds Canada. Host Shaun Haney is joined by: Shawn Schill of Arthur, Ont; Nick Dubuc of Montreal, Que.; Jim Wickett of Rosetown, Sask.; and Chad Beagle of Rimbey, Alta. As well, don’t miss the… Read More

Thanks for tuning in today as we bump up this week’s Farmer Rapid Fire to Wednesday! Today’s show is brought to you by Pioneer Seeds Canada. On today’s line-up hear from: Shawn Schill, of Arthur, Ont.; Aubrey Yule, of Killarney, Man.; Jeff Nonay ,of Edmonton, Alta.; Eric Dietrich, of Lucan, Ont. We will also hear from… Read More

Welcome to this Thursday, Farmer Rapid Fire edition of RealAg Radio, brought to you by Pioneer Seeds Canada. On today’s show you’ll hear from: Shawn Schill of Arthur, Ont.; A grain corn product spotlight with our show sponsor, Pioneer Seeds and area agronomist, Mike Weir; Ron Krahn of Brandon, Man.; and, Danny Ottenbreit of Grayson,… Read More

Welcome to this Thursday edition of RealAg Radio! And since it’s a Thursday, that means a Farmer Rapid Fire. On today’s show you’ll hear: Shawn Schill of Arthur, Ont., where the crops are looking good with just-in-time rains; Ron Krahn of Rivers, Man., where the excess rain from last year is really helping out this… Read More

We’ve got a Farmer Rapid Fire for you on today’s RealAg Radio! You’ll hear from: Shawn Shill of Arthur, Ont. who’s busy moving grain, doing shop work, and is looking forward to #plant2021; Landon Friesen of Crystal City, Man. who got a sunburn yesterday; A product spotlight with AGI about their sponsorship of the Brier,… Read More

Normally on a Thursday we’d have a Farmer Rapid Fire for you, but today’s RealAg Radio show is just a bit different — it’s a virtual live on-location with Syngenta Canada! It’s a great show, and yes, you’ll still hear from farmers. In today’s show: A recent conversation with Tyne Morgan, host of U.S. Farm… Read More

Thursdays mean only one thing here on RealAg Radio. Yup, you guessed it. It’s time for a Farmer Rapid Fire! On today’s show you’ll hear from: Shawn Schill of Arthur, Ont; Landon Friesen of Man; Sarah Weigum of Alta; and, Jake Leguee of Sask; as well as, A product spotlight with Eric Gregory, of Brett… Read More

It’s one of our favourite days here on RealAg Radio — it’s Farmer Rapid Fire day! Today we’ve got six great farmers lined up — with one even being from Montana — to talk about where they are at in the harvest season. On today’s panel, you’ll hear: Sarah Weigum, of Three Hills, Alta.; Jake… Read More

RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney is (mostly) on holiday this week, so it’s Lyndsey Smith sitting in as occasional host. On today’s show: The top ag news with Jessika Guse, including the introduction of private member’s bill regarding farm trespassing and changes to the carbon tax; Eric Broadbent with Kinze, on the company’s high-speed planter;… Read More

Today’s episode is a special one, featuring farmers from across Canada, with updates on crop conditions, harvest quality and yields, and much more. Hear from Kent Erickson and Kevin Serfas (Alberta); Rob Stone (Saskatchewan); Gunther Jochum (Manitoba); Peter Gredig and Shawn Schill (Ontario). Have feedback on the show? Connect with host Shaun Haney via email [email protected],… Read More

Are you planning to build a new farm workshop? How big should it be? What features should you incorporate? What cool ideas would make it a ‘killer shop’? Are there pitfalls you should avoid? Real Agriculture will try to answer all these questions on our new Real Dream Workshops series. To kick things off, Real… Read More

Not often do you hear of wheat outyielding corn, but that’s the case in our latest episode in the ‘Real’ Wheat Farmers series. RealAgriculture resident agronomist Peter Johnson can barely contain himself when Arthur, Ontario farmer Shawn Schill of Shawridge Farms tells him that one 200-acre field yielded 154 bu/ac of wheat, beating the average corn… Read More


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