This just in! There are strange markings showing up on spray nozzles all over Canada. What could these numbers and letters possibly mean? It’s time for the long-awaited next instalment of Exploding Sprayer Myths with Jason Deveau and Tom Wolf of Sprayers 101. Acting as their alter-egos, Chuck Underhand and Tip Heavily, the dynamic duo… Read More

Spraying a fungicide requires considering the stage of plant a bit differently than when spraying a herbicide. At herbicide timing, the canopy of the crop is a lot shorter and less dense. “For fungicides, we’re now talking about a taller canopy, a canopy that’s probably closed in, and a canopy that’s a little bit diverse… Read More

Spray drift happens, but every spray operators goal should be to create as little drift as possible. So how can we combat it? Tom Wolf, founder of AgriMetrix and co-founder of Sprayers 101, joins Kara Oosterhuis for this Wheat School episode for a technical breakdown of spray drift, and tips for how to prevent it…. Read More

Getting the right spray quality and the right water volume can be a bit tricky, and when it comes to nozzles, there are a few factors to consider when picking the right one. When it comes to nozzle size and spray pattern, there are two important questions our expert for this Canola School episode asks:… Read More

If you’re crunching numbers and figuring out ways to tighten up margins, one overlooked option could ensuring you’re getting the full value of the pesticides you apply. One way to measure this is by evaluating the amount of pesticide leftover after spraying. Tom Wolf of AgriMetrix and Sprayers 101 joins Kara Oosterhuis for this episode… Read More

If you’re not tracking your hours running vs. hours spraying, you might be losing out on a valuable productivity bump that requires only a few tweaks. As our guests for this episode of The Agronomists share below, gaining minutes at filling, or in turn arounds, or clean out, adds up to hours in productivity. Join… Read More

Before the freeze up, sprayer operators might be doing their routine winter maintenance and getting the unit ready for storage — but the more philosophical side of sprayer maintenance is sometimes forgotten about. Don’t worry, we don’t get too deep about spraying in this Pulse School episode, but Tom Wolf of Sprayers 101 and AgriMetrix… Read More

New sprayer operators — or seasoned sprayer operators who just need a refresher — might be wondering what to winterize their sprayer with, and how to do it. In this episode of Canola School, Tom Wolf of AgriMetrix and Sprayers 101, joins Kara Oosterhuis to talk about sprayer winterization — the technical side, and the… Read More

In gale force winds, it’s pretty easy to make the call to park the sprayer; but on days that are a little breezy, and if time is tight, there are things you can do to manage drift risk and do a better job of spraying in less than ideal conditions. Of course, time is a… Read More

Often when we think of herbicide resistance, as producers, we think it means we have to stop spraying certain products completely. This is not always the case, and as Tom Wolf of Sprayers 101 and AgriMetrix explains in our latest Canola School episode, why and how you can take some extra steps from the sprayer… Read More

This week’s RealAgriculture LIVE segment features Tom Wolf of Agrimetrix, Sprayers 101, and Spray Myths fame, answering all the tough questions ahead of the growing season. From nozzle selection, water volume in dry conditions, herbicide resistance, and if he has a favourite nozzle, RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney and Tom cover a lot of ground… Read More

Today’s episode of the show features a couple perspectives from Agritechnica. Hear host Shaun Haney in today’s show, as well as: RealAgriculture’s Jessika Guse with the latest top ag news; Tom Wolf, spray application specialist with Sprayers 101, with a look at the differences in sprayer technology showcased at Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany, compared to… Read More

From an 18-propeller drone sprayer to 16,000 litre spray tanks, Agritechnica’s spray application exhibits covered all the bases, but with an emphasis on European offerings. For North American attendees, the differences were striking, and in some cases, rather surprising. “The nozzle manufacturers are actually trying to play catch up. There’s the pulse width modulation revolution… Read More

We’re finishing off the week at Agri-Trade at Red Deer, Alta.,holl in the Nufarm booth. In today’s show, hear about: The importance of pre-seed burn downs for 2020, with Holly Nicoll of Nufarm; Seed quality, with Trevor Nysetvold of SGS BioVision; Supporting your parents in their retirement on the farm, with Patti Durand of Farm… Read More

Spray education can be fun — Jason Deveau and Tom Wolf of often ensure that, in their ever-unique way. Deveau and Wolf caught up with RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney at the Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ont., to chat about their demo at the show: recirculating booms. Wolf explains how current spray… Read More


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