Thanks for tuning in to this Thursday edition of the Farmer Rapid Fire on RealAg Radio! Host Shaun Haney is joined by: Philip Shaw of Dresden, Ont.; Robert Brunel of Ste.Rose, Man.; Daryl Fransoo of Glaslyn, Sask.; and, Stewart Skinner of Listowel, Ont. Thoughts on something we talked about on the show? Connect with host… Read More

Let’s catch up with some farmers across Canada on RealAg Radio! On today’s Farmer Rapid Fire edition of the show you’ll hear from: Ron Krahn of Rivers, Man. Stewart Skinner of Perth County, Ont. Charlene Whattam of Renfrew, Ont. Kent Erickson of Irma, Alta. a spotlight interview on grain contracts with Brett Halstead, chair of SaskWheat,… Read More

Welcome to this Thursday edition of RealAg Radio; and because it’s Thursday that means a Farmer Rapid Fire! You’ll hear from: Alicia King of Antigonish, N.S. who is a seventh generation beef, sheep, and laying hen farmer, and a newcomer to the FRF!; Stewart Skinner of Listowel, Ont., who does the same thing 52 weeks… Read More

Blue Monday — the third Monday in January — is said to be one of the most depressing days of the year. Theories from across the world say that this is because it’s one of the coldest times of the year, we are still recovering from financial strain after the Christmas holidays, and we’re struggling… Read More

In agriculture, we thrive off of competition. The buying and selling of commodities is what we do. However, there are many different markets out there that one can explore. Stewart Skinner, hog farmer from Listowel, Ont., raises his pigs for more of a niche market than many. There are three different markets that he and… Read More

For many, December is a time to reflect, to really sit back and look at what the previous months looked like. What were the highs? What were the lows? Despite 2020 being the year it was — and one I certainly won’t forget in my lifetime — it was also a whole lot of fun… Read More

Stewart Skinner, hog farmer from Listowel, Ont., (who you may have heard before on a Farmer Rapid Fire or two), joins us for today’s LIVE! Don’t miss a new LIVE! every weekday at 3 pm E on social media! SUMMARY Happy Friday! Stewart and his wife raise hogs just outside of Listowel. Does things a… Read More

It’s Thursday, and that means we have a Farmer Rapid Fire! You’ll hear from: Stewart Skinner of Listowel, Ont; Ron Krahn of Rivers, Man; Danny Ottenbreit of Grayson, Sask; Tim Oleksyn of the Prince Albert area in Sask; and, Kevin Serfas of Southern Alta. Thoughts on something we talked about on the show? Connect with… Read More

Welcome to the Tuesday edition of RealAg Radio! We hope you are having a great day, wherever you are at. On today’s show, you’ll hear: The top ag news stories of the day with host Shaun Haney; Matthew Pot of Grain Perspectives, on a breakdown of the latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE)… Read More

In this episode of Food Bubble, host Andrew Campbell takes us on a flight across Canada, and the world, exploring communities with very real challenges, and three people who volunteer to help. You’ll hear from: Stewart Skinner, a Canadian farmer from Listowel, Ont., who spends a lot of his time working with people in Kenya,… Read More

Friday on RealAg Radio, Lyndsey Smith is the occasional host who gets just a little ranty. She also is host to: Jessika Guse, who’s on to talk about the latest ag news. Jessika then interviews…. Janet Krayden, with the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council, and then you’ll hear from: Crystal Mackay, with the Canadian Centre… Read More

With more than 20 cases of African Swine Fever (ASF) reported overseas, Canadian hog producers are taking note of this serious disease. Stewart Skinner, a hog producer from near Listowel, Ont., says he’s worried it will come to Canada through person-to-person, or rather, farm-to-farm contact. “Without sounding alarmist, if we did have a case in… Read More

Which questions do you ask potential new hires? Where to you find your next star farm employee? Is the employee handbook up to date? If you laughed and thought, we don’t even HAVE an employee handbook, this podcast episode is for you. In this Mind Your Farm Business episode, host Shaun Haney takes us on… Read More

Editor’s note: This letter to Finance Minister Bill Morneau was submitted to RealAgriculture by Stewart Skinner, a young pig farmer from Listowel, Ontario, who voted Liberal in the 2015 federal election. He was also the Liberal candidate for Perth-Wellington in the 2014 Ontario election. Skinner posts periodically on his Modern Farmer blog. October 2nd is the last day to… Read More

After I wrote an editorial piece on Kathleen Wynne’s absence at the GFO meeting last week (click here for that), many people agreed with my take. In the true spirit of, some readers thought I was incorrect and called me out on it. Long-time RealAgriculture follower Stewart Skinner contacted me and said, “Slow down,… Read More


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