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RealAg Team Grows with Client Relationship Rep

Picture Butte, AB – May 11, 2016 – With traffic and revenue increasing at an aggressive pace, the time has come for RealAgriculture to add to its team to ensure clients have the best experience possible. Relationships with clients have always been integral to the success of RealAgriculture and as opportunities increase, it becomes even… Read more »

Under the Microscope: What to Consider for Last-Minute Pulse Seed Tests

For this episode of Under the Microscope, we take you into the depths of BioVision Seed Labs’ Sherwood Park laboratory, to hear last minute seed test recommendations from Sydney Vos, marketing coordinator with BioVision. In the video, Vos gives an overview of four of the most important tests to consider, including: Germination Cool Stress Vigour… Read more »

Under the Microscope: Could Aphanomyces Be Lurking in Your Field?

While this growing season may have some pulse growers wishing Mother Nature would turn the water taps on, the past few seasons have been tough on pulse crops when it comes to root rots and seedling diseases. Particularly in 2013, farmers were stumped by pea fields hard-hit by “wet feet.” Turns out, there was a… Read more »