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Canadian hemp industry ready for new opportunities

Hemp has often been lumped in with its rather contentious relation, cannabis. While related, the two crops are very different, but the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada is also good news for the hemp industry. Shaun Haney, host of RealAg Radio, recently had a chance to talk with Ted Haney, executive director of the… Read more »

RealAg Radio, Oct 31; The hemp opportunity and Canada looking to make beef trade gains

Its Halloween so there are many reasons to be scared so lets keep it a little more on the brighter side of things.  In both cases, beef and hemp producers have reasons to be optimistic as we get closer to 2019. Shaun will run through the tops ag news stories of the day. Joel Hoehn… Read more »

Familiar name in trade set to lead Canada’s Hemp Trade Alliance

The Canadian hemp industry is growing quickly and with that comes more responsibility when it comes to the getting hemp to market. At the latest International Pacific Rim hemp conference, the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) announced Ted Haney as its new executive director. Well known across many agricultural sectors, Haney most recently established an… Read more »

Ted Haney – The Realities of XL Foods Selling Beef after the Plant Re-Opens

Assuming that CFIA will eventually allow the Lakeside plant to re-open, many producers and industry insiders are discussing some of the challenges that XL Foods faces in re-establishing sales with customers around Canada, the United States and the rest of the world. There are few that know more than Ted Haney about selling beef around… Read more »

Impact of the EU – Canada Free Trade Agreement on Canadian Beef – Ted Haney, CBEF

Canada has been working at increasing the access of Canadian beef into Europe for quite some time.  If the EU / Canada free trade agreement is ratified later this year the benefits will be very positive for Canadian beef producers.  Gaining access for hormone free beef into Europe will have large benefits for the industry… Read more »