Seamlessly connect to your grain bins to help manage grain quality and time It’s been a tough growing season and growers have been working hard for every bushel. Getting the most from their efforts means keeping close and constant track of both quantity and quality of product in the bin. When grain is shipped, growers… Read More

Digitizing record management gives a sizeable advantage In Saanichton, British Columbia, a 20-minute drive outside of Victoria, the Michell family runs a 7th-generation farm raising and growing everything from cattle to berries. The farm has been a fixture on the island since 1862 and includes a grocery store where it sells free-range beef from its… Read More

Decisive Farming and GrainFox have announced a new partnership to combine digital grain trade and selling options for Canadian farmers. GrainFox, a provider of digital agricultural and financial tools, delivers data-driven insights to farmers through a mobile or desktop interface. It provides marketing insights and crop sales recommendations customized to each farm business. By integrating… Read More

View and track tank levels so you always know what you’ve got on-hand Farm machinery has changed a lot since the first gas-powered tractor rolled into a prairie farm yard about a century ago. But some things resist change. Most farm machinery still runs on fuel and farmers still fret about running out of it…. Read More

By Garth Donald, Manager of Agronomy, Decisive Farming by TELUS Agriculture  Twenty-five years ago when I first started in this business, almost every farmer planted canola at exactly the same rate. No matter how sandy or loamy, high or low moisture, productive or thin-yielding the land, and no matter how plump or slim the seed,… Read More

In theory, variable rate (VR) technology should result in more efficient use of a farm’s resources, whether that’s a lower fertilizer bill, improved crop uniformity, or other potential benefits. So why, since most seeding tools are capable of using prescription maps, are adoption rates of VR not higher? And will we see a new wave… Read More

Many continuing to get familiar with the term IoT, which stands for Internet of Things. Any device that connects to the cloud — whether it be smartwatches, smart TVs, smart thermostats, etc. — falls under the IoT category. Examples of IoT already exist in the agriculture industry, says Daniel Portela, director of product and services… Read More

In the constantly innovating world of agriculture, you need to take advantage of every tool at your disposal. With so many technologies, storing so much information, all in different silos – how do you keep track of it all? Farm management software allows you to digitally collect information at each level of your operation and… Read More

By Garth Donald, Manager of Agronomy, Decisive Farming by TELUS Agriculture 24 years ago, when I first started in this business, almost every farmer planted canola at exactly the same rate. No matter how sandy or loamy, high or low moisture, productive or thin yielding the land, and no matter how plump or slim the… Read More

TELUS  has announced that John Raines is joining the organization as president of TELUS Agriculture. Effective November 29, 2021, Raines will bring over 20 years of global experience in the agriculture sector to his new role. “John is exceedingly well-positioned to lead the ongoing evolution of TELUS Agriculture,” says Darren Entwistle, president and CEO of… Read More

When you invest hard-earned dollars into farm technologies, like variable rate technology (VRT), you want to see that value returned to your pockets. But the ways that value shows up are many, and not always so plain to see. When using VRT, return on investment (ROI) measurement is often a quantitative, numbers-driven conversation that requires… Read More

Rabobank and TELUS Agriculture have announced the acquisition of Conservis, a company that integrates disparate farm technologies into one streamlined interface, to manage the business of farming. Together, Rabobank and TELUS Agriculture are bringing expertise, experience, and global presence to further develop the Conservis farm management platform, says TELUS Agriculture. Conservis enables farms to organize… Read More

Operations are growing and with that comes an exceedingly large amount of area to monitor for efficiency. Getting a complete picture of your fields can give you clear insights into each acre, making scouting more targeted and effective. Satellite imagery and remote sensing technology are part of a continuous improvement plan for crop production —… Read More

TELUS Agriculture is investing $1 million in Olds College’s 2,800-acre Smart Farm. The investment will support the development, acceleration, and integration of technology into the global agri-food value chain. It will also support the goals of more efficient and sustainable food production with fewer inputs and reduced waste. The Olds College Smart Farm will act… Read More


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