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Grandin Questions Cattle Industry on Feet, Legs and Carcass Weights

Are carcass weights too high? Are we not putting enough emphasis on quality feet and legs? These are questions Temple Grandin, well-known cattle handling expert, had ranchers and reporters asking themselves as they filed out of the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association’s 103rd annual general meeting and convention. As part of her presentation, Grandin described a¬†survey… Read more »

Tiffin 2012 – Temple Grandin – A Practical Approach to Improving Animal Welfare

Temple Grandin’s work in the livestock industry cannot be understated. Her designs and innovations in the areas of livestock handling revolutionized the industry and brought a more humane system into existence. Those insights and contributions are made all the more impressive by the fact that Dr. Grandin is autistic. That condition is part of the… Read more »