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Pulse School: Meeting new demand for peas on the eastern prairies

Construction has started on a large pea processing plant in central Manitoba that’s designed to process more than 100,000 tonnes per year starting in 2019. The new processing facility at Portage la Prairie will undoubtedly boost demand for peas on the eastern side of the prairies, however, there’s a big question that has yet to be… Read more »

Soybean School West: What Fall Scouting Can Teach You, Plus Row Width vs. Solid Seeding Decisions

So you’re thinking of switching to a wider row spacing for next year’s soybeans. Have you taken your hula hoop around this year’s crop first? Though there isn’t necessarily an “ideal” row spacing suggested for western Canadian soybean growers, the importance of knowing a target plant population and assessing stand establishment is still essential. Related: Soybean… Read more »

Soybean School West: What’s Eating my Soybeans? Which Insects to Blame & More

If you’re relatively new to growing soybeans, you’re likely checking on the crop more often than others. That’s good, of course, as scouting is rarely a waste of time. What you may be seeing at this time of year is leaf damage — insect feeding on leaf margins or in a “shot” hole pattern. What’s… Read more »

Wheat School: Early Evaluation of Winter Wheat Stands & Ideal N Application Timing

The ideal set up for winter wheat is plating in mid-September at about half an inch deep with starter fertilizer. Then it rains and the crop grows to three leaves plus one tiller, then gets covered in a cozy blanket of snow, where it stays until it warms up in the spring. Reality, however, often… Read more »