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Some Answers but More Unanswered Questions About Aster Yellows

It’s the nasty phytoplasma that took many Prairie farmers by surprise in 2012 — aster yellows. Carried on the aster leafhopper, aster yellows can infect over 200 species but took a particularly heavy toll on canola this year. The irony is, canola isn’t even a preferred food source, as the leafhopper tends to prefer grasses…. Read more »

RealAgriculture’s Best of Canola Swathing Timing Videos

“How do I figure out when to swath my canola?” is one of those questions that comes up every year without fail. It’s a question that doesn’t have a broad, simple answer, which is why it’s restated every year.  Even though there are over 20 million acres of canola in Western Canada producers still struggle… Read more »

Canola School – How Do I Know When to Swath?

There really is no substitute for getting into your fields. You hear agronomists constantly banging that drum. That’s because there really is no substitute for getting into your fields. This is especially true when you’re trying to make a decision on when to swath your canola. A drive-by appraisal of the field just won’t cut… Read more »