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Taking a Timbit Lesson from Tim Hortons

If you listen to the radio in Canada at all, you’ve likely heard the same advertisement I’ve heard. It’s the man describing the 200 thousand kids that take part in the Timbits soccer program, with a child thinking 200 thousand children must be every kid in the world. Every time I the commercial, I wonder…how many… Read more »

Tim Hortons, Subway Sourcing 100% Canadian Beef for New Products

In the last two days, both Subway Canada and Tim Hortons restaurants have announced they will source 100% Canadian beef. For Subway restaurants, this will mean featuring the new Prime Rib Melt and for Tim Hortons, the beef will be back in the steak & cheese panini (with a brand-new Chipotle-flavoured option) and, for a… Read more »