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Putting the squeeze on celebrity influence

How powerful is popular culture? It has tremendous influence on much of our daily lives, impacting everything from food choices and diets, to exercise, and what products we buy. Many of these choices our those we make to help our families lead healthy lives. Dr. Timothy Caulfield would like to like to see governments, regulators,… Read more »

When Evidence-Free Fear Causes Real Harm: Timothy Caulfield

Why are celebrities so influential when it comes to trends? Turns out, we may actually be programmed to follow prestige. But, as Timothy Caulfield explains, we may not always recognize this behaviour in ourselves, claiming instead that “everyone else” falls for such things, but not us. Caulfield, a professor with the University of Alberta’s law… Read more »

Get Real. Get Reading. Introducing the Real Agriculture Book Club

Food, agriculture, politics, business, popular culture, current issues, and even sports. You’ll find it all on Real Agriculture’s new Get Real, Get Reading podcast. Every month we’ll chat with authors of popular (and not so popular) titles. But before co-hosts Bernard Tobin and Shaun Haney sit down with the author, we want the Real Agriculture… Read more »