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The Seedpod —Ep. 12: Wheat Midge Tolerance Gene Detected in Soft White Wheat. What Happens Now?

SeCan recently discovered that the majority of the soft white wheat varieties grown in western Canada naturally contain the Sm1 trait for midge tolerance. The trait has likely always been there, but only recently have we had the technology to test for it. The Sm1 gene was first identified as naturally occurring in soft red winter… Read more »

SeCan Celebrating 40 Years of Partnership, Bringing New Varieties to Canadian Farmers

Canada’s largest distributor of certified seed is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Likely ahead of its time in bringing together industry, universities, government and producer partners, the not-for-profit member association known as SeCan was started in 1976. “The roots are tied very closely to the Canadian Seed Growers Association — seed growers, seed trade,… Read more »

SeCan Reaches $150,000 Settlement Over Unauthorized Flax and Durum Sales

SeCan says it has reached a $150,000 settlement with a farm near Moose Jaw, Sask. regarding unauthorized sales of flax and durum varieties protected by Plant Breeders’ Rights legislation. Harvey Marcil of Pasqua Farms has agreed to the cash settlement and a declaration that there will be no additional unauthorized sales. The case involved CDC… Read more »

Adoption of UPOV ’91 Driving New Investment in Better Varieties; Opens Door for End Point Royalty Discussion

The Canadian government’s decision to implement UPOV ’91 standards for plant breeders’ rights is driving new investment in crop breeding, say seed industry officials. Bill C-18 — the federal legislation amending the Plant Breeders’ Rights Act — became law last week. Representatives from the seed trade and the crop sector value chain celebrated its passage at a press conference… Read more »

How Are You Conserving Genetic Resistance? A Cautionary Tale

By Karen Lewis As farmers across the central U.S. corn belt scramble to prevent the spread of western corn rootworm resistance to Bt corn, Prairie wheat growers are being urged to be diligent in their stewardship efforts to protect midge tolerant wheat technology. “Resistance to corn rootworm technology is really a cautionary tale for Prairie… Read more »

Using Midge Tolerant Wheat in Managing the Pest

Wheat midge feeding on kernels can cause significant damage, downgrading the crop and eating into yield. One of the big trip-ups for many farmers is timing a spray application — is anthesis too late? Do you wait for the entire head to emerge? (Hint: Anthesis is getting too late — more on ideal spray timing… Read more »