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Japan Ratifies TPP

Despite President-elect Trump’s clear intention to remove the United States from the deal, Japan became the first country in the Trans-Pacific Partnership to ratify the 12 country trade agreement on Friday. The move is seen as being somewhat symbolic, since the TPP’s text requires U.S. participation. Trump has said he will pull America out of… Read more »

US Dairy Farmers Push For Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal

In 2014 when RealAgriculture visited the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, there were smiles all around from US dairy farmers. But one year later, US$25 per hundredweight milk prices are but a memory. One of the possible remedies to low prices could be greater access to the Canadian market. If there’s truth to reports… Read more »

5 Fascinating (But Not Necessarily Advisable) Protests by Farmers

When most of us think of a typical protest, images of cowboy hats and tractors don’t generally come to mind. But, farmers have definitely played a role in shaping public policy (or at least garnering some attention) through protests. 1. Cows Against TPP Cows, milk, farmers and tractors hit the streets of Ottawa this week —… Read more »