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Tyson Foods Buys Stake in Plant-Based Burger Company

One of the world’s largest meat companies is investing in a business that aims to replace meat with plant-based alternatives. American food giant Tyson Foods announced Monday it has taken a five percent ownership stake in California-based vegan startup Beyond Meat. While some are proclaiming it a milestone on the way to a future of… Read more »

Beyond Medically-Important: Tyson Foods Announces Plan to Eliminate Human-Important Antibiotics from Broiler Flocks

Arkansas-based Tyson Foods has announced its intent to eliminate use of antibiotics also used for humans from its U.S. broiler flocks by the end of September 2017. “Given the progress we’ve already made reducing antibiotics in our broilers, we believe it’s realistic to shoot for zero by the end of our 2017 fiscal year. But… Read more »

Is the Tyson Pasco Plant Viable with New MCOOL Rules – Kevin Grier

The battle of the new MCOOL rules continue to raise concerns on both sides of the border.  Groups like NCBA, AMI, CCA and more are battling the US Government in its quest to make MCOOL a long term reality.  Obviously with the US government shut down the last two weeks, nothing is happening.  MCOOL seems… Read more »

Kevin Grier – An Update and Analysis of the Zilmax Saga Involving Tyson and Merck

With the recent decision by Tyson to ban Zilmax use by the use of its supplying feedyards and then Merck deciding to suspend the sale of Zilmax until a further evaluation is completed, many people in the cattle industry are surprised and wondering what will happen next. This week I talked to Kevin Grier, George… Read more »

Dick Bond is Leaving Tyson Foods

According to a press release from Tyson Foods this morning, President and CEO Dick Bond is leaving the company effective immediately. According to Reuters, Leland Tollett who was the chairman and CEO from 1995 to 1998, will resume the post until a replacement is found. By revenue Tyson is the largest processor of protein in… Read more »