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Observing Canada’s National Organic Week — A Retrospective

Canada’s National Organic Week kicked off on Saturday, September19. It’s a week to celebrate organic agriculture, organized and presented by Canada Organic Trade Association, Canadian Organic Growers and Canadian Health Food Association. Whose celebrating #OrganicWeek today? Hit reply and tell us how! — Organic Week (@organicweek) September 21, 2015 “Organic Week is the largest annual celebration… Read more »

Big Change? Or Little Change? — Walmart Lays Out Farm Animal Welfare and Antibiotic Policies

North America’s largest food retailer, Walmart, unveiled its positions on animal welfare and the use of antibiotics in farm animals on Friday. Strangely enough, farm groups and animal rights organizations alike applauded the company’s animal care guidelines. While both sides are welcoming Walmart’s positions, if you dig a bit deeper, there are conflicting views on what the implications… Read more »

Creating a Culture That Moves Your Farm Business Forward: Former CEO of Walmart Canada

Have you ever thought about the workplace culture on your farm or within your business? Good or bad, a culture will exist whether a manager or CEO has intentionally thought about it or not, says the former CEO of Walmart Canada. Culture is what drives a business — it’s the fabric of an organization, explains Mario… Read more »

Is the Power of the Food Retailer Trumping All?

By Shaun Haney We hear a lot nowadays about value chains, the integrated food system and the farmers incredibly important role in it. How many time have you heard the term, “Gate to Plate?” I can buy into this concept as long as all participants are getting a fair return for their investment in the… Read more »