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Glenn Wheat to Be Retired From Warburtons Program After 2017

The 2017 growing season will be the last year for Glenn in the Warburtons IP program. “After consuming ~250,000MTs of Glenn in our bakeries, we will no longer be contracting the variety in our program. Glenn will continue to be a CWRS option for growers outside of our program,” the company said in a statement… Read more »

Warburtons Adds End-User Perspective to Cereals Canada

British baking company and long-time customer of Canadian wheat Warburtons is the latest grain industry player to take a seat at the Cereals Canada table. “It is critical that Cereals Canada have a strong link to the needs of end-use customers,” said Cam Dahl, president of the cereal crop value chain group, earlier this week…. Read more »

CANTERRA SEEDS Announces IP Partnership With Warburtons Bakery

CANTERRA SEEDS has announced it has entered into an agreement with British baking company Warburtons on the production and commercialization of AAC W1876, a hard red spring wheat variety bred by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. AAC W1876 was developed and tested by Dr. Richard Cuthbert and Dr. Ron DePauw of AAFC SPARC, and was supported… Read more »

Warburtons – Creating the Perfect Loaf of Bread with Canadian and UK Wheat

I had the very fortunate opportunity this week to travel to the United Kingdom and have a visit with the people at Warburtons. ¬†Warburtons is the largest bakery in the United Kingdom and has a special connection with not only the consumers of its premium bread, but also UK and Canadian farmers. Yes, I said… Read more »

Wheat School – Warburtons Foods Perspective of the Canadian Wheat Industry – Adam Dyck

For businesses involved in the food industry, a consistent, quality ingredient is a necessity. This is especially true for those involved in baked goods. For those businesses, wheat is a very important ingredients. For Warburtons Foods, based in the U.K., Canadian wheat is specifically what they need and want. Those needs include certain characteristics specific… Read more »