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Cow-Calf Survey Shows Room to Improve Breeding Season Management

Results from the first Western Canadian Cow-Calf Survey show there’s room to tighten up the breeding season on the majority of cow-calf operations¬†from B.C. to Manitoba. The Beef Cattle Research Council and Western Beef Development Centre have published some production findings from the project¬†(find them in a BCRC blog post here.) The questionnaire, which was… Read more »

Survey To Paint Picture of Cow-Calf Sector Across Western Canada

Cattle producer organizations, provincial governments and beef research agencies are conducting a survey that will portray how the cow-calf sector has changed since the 1990s. For the first time ever, cow-calf producers from B.C. through Manitoba are invited to participate in a survey about¬†production practices on their farms. The Western Canadian Cow-Calf Survey is based… Read more »

Solid-State Biodigester Designed for Western Canadian Conditions

With concerns around climate change, the availability of non-renewable resources, and increasing the sustainability of industries as a whole, it is not surprising that organizations like the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) are looking at ways to harness energy that is otherwise wasted. I recently spoke to Joy Agnew, project manager at PAMI, about their… Read more »

Beef Research School: Maximizing Production on Forage Acres

Maximizing forage acre production may be an easy concept to work on in the office, but making decisions in the field isn’t always that straightforward. How do you know whether or not a pasture needs some rejuvenation versus renovation? What factors play a role in getting the most out of existing acres, and what are… Read more »