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Canola School: Blackleg levels flat, sclerotinia down, and a changing clubroot threat

Every once in a while a group with a real passion for something get a chance to get together and talk about what they care about. If you get to be in room with with them, you can’t help but feel the energy and, most likely, learn something. The Western Forum on Pest Management (WFPM)… Read more »

Pulse School: A lesson in root rots, as preparation for next year

Each fall the Western Forum on Pest Management meets to review the previous growing season. Scientists, researchers, and agronomists get together to compare notes on what happened during the previous growing season. This helps everyone get a better understanding of the issues so that they can help each other help farmers. Dale Leftwich, field editor… Read more »

Pest management forum works behind the scenes to protect your crop

There is a secret society working to protect Western Canadian crops from diseases and insects. Ok, it’s not actually secret, but not too many know about it either. The Western Forum on Pest Management (WFPM) meets each fall to get a preliminary handle on the threats that appeared in fields, orchards, and greenhouses during the… Read more »