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World Food Prize Winner Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram Brought Nearly 500 Wheat Varieties to Farmers

Named in June, but celebrated this week in Des Moines, Iowa, Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram of India and Mexico was awarded the World Food Prize for his work in wheat breeding and development. Working hand-in-hand with Nobel Laureate Dr. Norman Borlaug, Rajaram bred an impressive 480 varieties of wheat to provide nutritious grains resistant to rust… Read more »

Borlaug 100: What Will Your Agriculture Legacy Be?

100 years ago, Norman Borlaug was born. An American scientist and researcher, Borlaug won the Noble Peace Prize in 1970 for his lifetime of work aimed at feeding the hungry through advancements in agriculture. Today, dubbed AgDay in the U.S., Borlaug will be honoured with a statue unveiled in the nation’s capitol, and research organizations… Read more »