Happy Wednesday and hope June is is off to a great start! We have another great show for you on RealAg Radio. On today’s show you’ll hear from: Ted Seifried with Zaner Ag Hedge Group; Ryan Bonnett with a Stoller Enterprises product spotlight; We’ll also be talking to farm groups who have concerns regarding cross… Read More

The latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report was released May 12 by the World Agricultural Outlook Board. Joining host Shaun Haney to break down the WASDE report in this RealAg LIVE! episode is Ted Seifried of Zaner Ag Hedge. Listen and watch to hear about ending stocks, projected acres, trade, hedging, and… Read More

Much like 2020, the markets have been surprising. Ted Seifried of Zaner Ag Hedge joins us for this RealAg LIVE! Q&A to discuss all things corn, wheat, and of course, soybean meal. Don’t miss a new LIVE! every weekday at 3 pm E on social media! SUMMARY: Is there a lack of liquidity? How close… Read More

Over the past month I’ve been asking commodity analysts and economists to speculate on whether we would see a $0.65 or $0.75 dollar first. All but one analyst replied — generally with great resolve — that $0.65 was the correct bet. That is not looking to be the case at at this point, as the… Read More

Live cattle futures have been slowly chipping way at the drastic declines experienced earlier this year due to COVID-19. In the last 30 days, the June cattle future has climbed $15.45 to just under $100. At its lowest point, in early April, the June future was $76.60. With U.S. cash trading between $115 and $120… Read More

There is no shortage of issues to discuss in the ag commodity complex, and our latest edition of RealAg LIVE! is here to cover the latest in market news, and answer everything you’re wondering regarding the futures. On this Thursday edition of RealAg LIVE!, host Shaun Haney is joined by Zaner Ag Hedge’s Chief Ag… Read More

Many industries are struggling to cope with COVID-19, but in agriculture farmers still have to plant. Today (March 31, 2020) the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its 2020 planting intentions report. Canadian farmers are watching this report very closely as the U.S. corn and soybean acreage — and possible carryout — impacts Canadian… Read More

Whether it is the drop in oil prices due to a major spat between Russia and Saudi Arabia or the COVID-19 outbreak, the ethanol industry is dealing with massive challenges in the short term. Ethanol plants in Canada and the U.S. are reportedly scaling back production as a result, which is creating concern for corn… Read More

This week the markets have shown many points of stress, as they react to Monday’s USDA report that shocked many farmers and analysts. On RealAg Radio on Thursday, Shaun Haney was joined by Ted Seifried of Zaner Ag Hedge to break it all down. Seifried described Thursday’s pricing action as a day that the “dust… Read More

The USDA showed no fear in taking a stand on the projected corn yield in today’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE). Whether due to the late planting dates, unfit soil or pollination timing, the USDA adjusted corn yield dramatically to the downside, while leaving soybeans untouched. The USDA dropped the projected corn yield… Read More

On today’s RealAg Radio show, host Shaun Haney has the following guests: News lead Jessika Guse with the top agriculture news stories of the day; Peter ‘Wheat Pete’ Johnson to answer all your agronomic questions; and, Ted Sefried of Zaner Ag Hedge discussed the markets and reaction to Market Facilitation Program (MFP) 2.0. We’re on… Read More

As farmers in the U.S. wait on the edge of their seats to learn how much each commodity will get for round two of the Market Facilitation Program (MFP), a source told two Bloomberg reporters that the Trump administration is eyeing $2 per bushel for soybeans. NEWS: Trump admin is preparing to announce another round… Read More

Friday on RealAg Radio we are closing out the week in a big way. Today’s guests include: Ted Seifried, of Zaner Ag Hedge, breaks down the USDA WASDE report for soybeans, corn, and wheat; RealAg news lead, Jessika Guse with the top ag news of the day; J.P. Gervais of Farm Credit Canada on the… Read More

The U.S. government shutdown meant grain markets missed out on a few months of WASDE reports. With a return to at least some capacity, the USDA released a much-anticipated WASDE on Friday. To run through what few surprises were included in the latest report, RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney calls on Ted Seifried, vice president and… Read More

The recent WASDE report created barely a ripple in the markets, and now traders are trying to figure what’s going on. The November report is often a bit of a snoozer, and this year is no exception, but the underlying political currents make this year a bit harder to decipher. RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney… Read More


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